Naturally Flawless Skin

These are my favourite products that I can’t live without! I use most of them everyday and I have clear, flawless white skin. I don’t even use makeup because my skin looks naturally good. However, I do use under-eye concealer because I haven’t found a product that permanently gets rid of my dark circles yet. But I am still testing more eye care products, so hopefully I will find something to complete my natural make-up-free face 🙂

Many of you might be thinking, oh you were probably born with naturally good skin. NOPE, totally wrong. The reason why I don’t like to use makeup is because my skin clogs up easily so I often get acne or blackhead. That is why I pursued the no-make-up skin care regime. Anyways…again, I am not sponsored by any of these products. My recommendations came from years of trial and error. Lastly, what works for me may not work you!


My Favorites
Skinmiso – Blackhead Remover Kit

Silk’n Revit – Diamond Microdermabrasion System

Ionic Facial Steamer



More Coming soon…..