Hey Leaf, what’s your email?

A:  [email protected]

Hey Leaf, do you have a release schedule?

A:  Nope. Not anymore 😛

Hey Leaf, I want to help out but I don’t any experience!

A: No problem. Just pop me an email. We accept everyone with various or no experiences 😛 Every little help goes a long way. We’re all just manga lovers so why not?


Hey Leaf, why can’t you update/release faster!!!

A: So, a short manga like GCS takes me roughly ~1hr/chapter to clean, edit, translate, scanlate, etc. For longer manga it can take me up to 3-5hr/chapter. Each day I spend about ~4-6hr to release manga. Also, I am not getting paid to do this, instead I used my own money to create this site and provide you all with free manga translations. TLDR; as much as I love this hobby, it takes up Time + Money + Effort. But I could’ve used this time, money, effort on something else that would’ve earned me good income…so please don’t take it for granted and rage at me for not releasing at lightening speed…I am trying my best :/


Hey Leaf, why do you need donations for Storage Space?

A:  I am currently paying for VPS server which cost ~90$/month + domain fee. So basically, all donations goes toward covering the site cost. Sad. :<


Hey Leaf, some pages won’t load, what do I do?

A:  If the pages arent loading, try updating your browser, refreshing, restarting or use a different browser. If none of these worked for you then please pop me an email so I can reupload the chapter ^^


Hey Leaf, why can’t I access chapters that aren’t underlined?

A: Because they aren’t released yet!!! XD


Hey Leaf, is this your real name?

A: Why not?


Hey Leaf, I want to recommend a manga/novel,  can you translate it?

A: Sure but me only know ching chong chang… so no Konnichiwa or Onion Ha Say Yo please…


Hey Leaf, why won’t my comments go through?

A: Because no advertising on my site, no hate, no links 🙂