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Hey everyone, it’s been a while….I think it’s been 4 years? Maybe 5? Since i’ve started Timelessleaf and my original purpose for creating this website hasn’t changed. I simply wanted to share the stories that I enjoyed with everyone.

Before I continue, I hope everyone can give their thanks to all of the translators, typesetters, and cleaners who volunteered to help here. Timelessleaf couldn’t have existed without them. So once again, please give your final thanks to all of them.

Back to main topic…To those who didn’t know, I recently got a job and have been working hard. Recently my team requires me to learn a completely new tech stack and honestly I am overwhelmed…I have to self-learn post-work hours, therefore, I have to choose between keeping up with my job or choosing to spend my time on Timelessleaf to translate for everyone. It was unexpected for me as well…but I guess this is what it means to become an adult…choices and responsibility…

I will release the remaining chapters we have during the next few days and officially shut down by…probably the end of October…I’m sorry that it was so sudden…I wish I had a better way to make this work…

The last thing that I can do for everyone is release some raw chapters if people are looking for closures….we are quite pretty close to the end of the main series that I promised to finish but couldn’t…If people would like to read the raws of the main series please comment below. If there are enough comments I will post the raws until Timelessleaf shuts down.

Thank you everyone, and for the last time

I wish everyone happiness and success



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  1. Hi,
    Thank you for your hard work everyone 😘 you did amazing work here and we’re grateful for this.
    We should keep going and growing if we have opportunities for the future so I wish you good luck and best with your new job Leaf. Take care of yourself and your health.

  2. Thank you for everything i’ve been reading since the start of master of gu and enjoyed every second of my time here, thank you for all your (team and all) hard work on releasing so much content for us, we are sad to see you go but congrats on the new job. We hope you the best of luck for the future and always remember that you’ve made so many people happy here at timelessleaf

  3. Awe. Leaf I appreciate all you’re hard work but I’m still sad to see you go. I am glad you’ve found a new purpose and I wish you the best of luck going forward. LOVE GCS.Addict

  4. oof just found this web and it’s about to close down. 😅
    Thank you anyway, you can made a comeback if you have a freetime later tho, even a year or dozens doesn’t matter, what matter is to do what you want to do and to do what you need to do.
    good luck with your new job and take care of your health. 😁

  5. Dearest Timeless leaf sama
    thank you for all you have done thus far I deeply appreciate your efforts
    and now that becoming an adult is taking it’s toll. I’m a bit sad but also very happy you got a job I hope you do well in your new job and do well through out your life. you have brought happiness to many people so I hope that you will recieve such happiness

    thank you for everything Leaf Sama

  6. Oh God, I feel so sad. It feels like I lost something really dear to me. I have been following your work since the beginning. Can’t begin to imagine how empty it will feel without you guys. Nonetheless, thank you all for your hard work. You definitely gave us immeasurable pleasure all those years. I wish you success and fulfillement in your futurs.

    PS: “Sijin” is definitely the one I would like to finish reading

  7. Thank you so much for all the time you and everyone else put into this. I wish you the best of luck in your future and that it is full of happiness ❤️

    I really hope that you can find as much joy in your job than I found in your work😁

  9. Leaf San and leaf team, thank you!

    I was happy with your updates and passion, but now it comes to and end. It was happy for me and I hope it was fun to you. Thank you one more time!

    And I wish to you one thing, success!

  10. Thanks for your hard work! This journey of yours also became memorable to me. Adulting may be difficult but I wish you the best! I still have tons to say however I would just like to express my gratitude to you. This site had always made my day for the past 4 years. Whenever things may be hard for me, reading does make it bearable. Congrats on the employment and don’t forget to treat and priorities yourself.

  11. This was the first website I read manhua on years back 🙁 Gonna miss FNTX and FQCL. If it’s possible to leave the website up so readers can go back and reread that would be awesome. Good luck with everything in the future!

  12. Hi!! Thank for providing us happiness and updates to the stories you enjoyed and we enjoyed. Honestly, thanks to everyone that helped this site fulfill its wonderful purpose. We will miss the times of waiting for updates, and the joy we felt when we read the stories. I will miss the years I spent on this site and the moments I cherished. But congratulations! I know times change and when an opportunity closes, another one opens. We wish you luck on your journey and do your best just like always 🥰.

  13. I’m happy that you’ve found employment, i wish you all the luck in the world. Thank you so much for getting me through middle school and highschool, I’m forever thankful for finding your site, again thank you so much. ♡♡♡♡♡

  14. Congratulations on finding gainful employment! It is a shame you’ll be shutting down the website instead of keeping it up as an archive, though. Thank god for internet archive wayback machine and internet archiving software

    1. Side note: does anyone want to add everything to the Wayback Machine? I’m going to attempt it, but there’s a lot of pages, so no guarantees

  15. I’m thankful to the Timelessleaf team. Sad but happy for Leaf. May Leaf and the whole team encounters more good things than the other way around. Be courageous in life and more happiness for you all. ^^ love lots from Philippines.

  16. So sad to hear that.. Yeah being an adult is you have to decide what is the most important for your life..
    It is a good news, welcome to the work-life, welcoming you back if you decide to come back, please dont shut down the site, could you? I didnt read All the chapters of my fav yet.. Huhu

    Or could you make this site open until december?
    Or how can we know if you are back? Maybe your twitter acc or something?

    Last but not least.. You’ll be missed.. Cheers for thuglyfe~

  17. I have been reading on this site for quite a long time. I want to say thank you to all the staffs for letting us able to read on this site. I am very thankful to all of you.

  18. I have been reading here for some time..I want to say thank you, to your team and all those that helped make this site wonderful.I wish you well and goodluck..Take care and bless you…

    your forever fan,

    Lum 🙂

  19. Man, I wanna keep reading “Sijin, Feng Ni Tian Xia, Pupillary Master and The Revenge of DanZhu” they are great story I really love it. Can you let someone do it or at least share with us where could we read it at to continue the story before you’re shutting down the site.

  20. Thank you and the team for the everything these past few years!! Honestly such a light on dark days.
    Good luck to the future, we’re all rooting for you!! 💛

  21. Being an adult? o.o

    DUN WANNA Nooooooooo~ !

    Well Thanks dude, its been a swell 5 years, but we all have to move on. Hope u had fun. Who knows maybe u will return, once u know what the adult world is really like. Thanks again. Have fun.

  22. It is a mixed of feelings but I am happy for you… being an adult is not easy… thank you for all your time… hope the best for you!

  23. Thanks for all the effort you had put till now has been with u guys since u started doing feng ni tian xia and feng ci canglan gonna miss the incompleted TLS of my fav 😢

  24. Hello,thank you for your hard work all these years you might not believe it but it was your site that first introduced me to this colorful world and i am gonna miss it and i will be forever grateful 😇🌺❤️
    And I know it is a very selfish thing to ask but are you sure there is no other way? Because it’s just such a tragey🥲🥲

  25. Best of luck in the future! Thank you and your team for all of your hard work over the years, and being a bright spot in my day!

  26. To you and your team thank you so much for all of the happiness you have brought us. It’s sad to see you go but I wish wish you all the best!! Sending love from Trinidad and Tobago 💕💕💕💕💕

  27. All good things must come to an end but gosh I wasn’t expecting y’all to leave so suddenly! :’3 I have been reading Feng Qi Cang Lan for like 4 years through your website and the habit of checking in every week to check for updates won’t die easily welp. Wishing you all the best for your job and future endeavours in life! :33
    forever grateful to you and the entire team! ❤️

  28. Leaf please keep sijin update till the end of October… SIJIN is such a good story. At least share us where can we continue read it before you shut this site down.
    Pretty please

    1. You know that your request will be hard for Leaf.. The story is still ongoing.. Our biggest problem is.. no one else picked up Sijin other than Leaf.

  29. Sorry for multiple comments; seems like my long one just won’t show up. Is there any way to keep this site up a little longer? Could us readers donate money to help keep it up? Or like someone else suggested is there a way we could download chapters, maybe through Google Drive or smth?
    Thanks again to you and the team for all the hard work!
    (Also vote for Sijin again haha)

  30. Long comment definitely didn’t post, alas. Just wanted to congratulate you on the job and wish you well. The effort you’ve put into this site shows your tenacity and teamwork/leadership skills, so hold on to that when things get tough! Adulting is hard, so major props on making this decision.

  31. Not sure if my long comment posted or not, so short version: please release what you have of Sijin! Thanks for everything to you and the team!

  32. Damn seeing this site close is like remembering when Shoujo World disbanded. It’s time to grow up I guess. Been reading since middle school and now time to graduate university. :'( Thank you for all the joy you’ve provided. You have truly been an A1.

    Is there anyway to tweak the site so that we’re able to seamlessly mass download any remaining chapters available here. It just seems so sad to have all your years of effort not remain on the internet history forever, as a mark you’ve left on all of us and many others in the future.

  33. I really like all these stories I really wished you have more stories like these. These are so great to read and it’s also interesting. 😭😭gonna miss it and thank you so much for the hard work, and yes work can be overwhelming but we understand, even I do it to I used to edit and I loved it because I enjoyed it but then I was overwhelmed with so much things so I couldn’t finish editing for people 😭😭😭🥲I wish you guys the best luck 😭😭🙏

  34. Thank you so much, Leaf-sama. 🥺 I will miss Timelessleaf so much. This was my safe haven since 4 years ago when I was struggling to find a job. Good luck on your Journey. May it be as excited and fulfiling ❤️

  35. Can you tell me where can I find sijin and Feng ni tian Xia I forget the name and pupillary mastar etc etc story… Congratulations for your job and I am very sad that you stop this writing one… Can you please finish two story I serach alot but didn’t find it yet…you can at least come in holiday and write one in every holidays…I will wait for it …

  36. Well from the bottom of my heart I hope you have a good time in your new job because I just started working after not working for 6 years and I have been with you since the start of the website and before everything you started uploading too this website I just hope you don’t shutdown the website soo we can still read all the other series that was not read I know some people have just started reading from this website just recently so give the new people some peace of mind just reading from time to time can be a stress reliver and help keep a balance in life and again THANKS AGAIN TEAM LEAF AND COMPANY may all the best wishes and hope to see you back again.

  37. Well damn…
    I guess this is an inevitability of life. “All good things must come to an end”, “you don’t know what you have till its gone”, “greener pastures” and all that.
    We all gotta move on eventually.

    I’ve enjoyed this site for years now, mainly for Feng Qi Cang Lan though Feng Ni Tian Xia was what initially helped me discover this website.

    All the good wishes and luck in moving on from this and in your future endeavors.
    It’s been a wild ride.

  38. I wish you a bright future with your job and i will miss this site and all the great work that it contains.
    A big hug from Italy
    P.s. Above all Gods and Feng Qi Cang Lang will be much missed

  39. Wow…I guess this is the end ._.
    I’ve been reading since 2018
    I’M gonna miss Xiaowan and Beiyue

  40. Congratulations Leaf! I wish you all the best. Thank you for all your hard work up until now. I appreciate you!!!!! Hugs hugs hugs hugs

  41. Never thought we are going to say good bye this soon. 😭 Thank you for everything to all involved in this site. It’s worth a lot to me.
    Please give me the closure of all the series you have here. Since years ago I am hooked and read almost everything here.

    The perseverance of Princess Beiyue in Feng Ni Tian Xia

    The quick witted Xiaxi in Goddess Creation System

    The resourceful and handful Feng Yu Heng in Shen Yi Di Nu

    The terrifying but lovable Jiang Si in Sijin

    The simple but loyal Xixi in Miao Shou Xian Dan

    The laid back and playful later become serious but smart Xiaowan in Feng Qi Cang Lan

    The funky and loyal Chang Xiaoyun in Kill Me Next Time

    I’ll miss them all. 😭

  42. I’ve been coming here for 4 years. Though I’m sad that I won’t be able to read my favorites series to the end, I’m mostly grateful for your hard work and the pleasure I’ve received from this site. Best of luck to you.

    1. You will be greatly missed! And if you decide to reopen this site years later we will all come back! Can you please upload Pupillary master, Sujin and being chased to fall in love

  43. Well you made a great improvement in your life and you don’t have to be sorry for this❤️ You permitted us to read story we maybe wouldn’t be able to if you and the team weren’t here. I think everyone is thankful for the work you did. I wish for everyone one successful days in whatever you will be doing ❤️

  44. Thank you for the good times. I will save the Goddess Creation System before this site goes down at the end of October. Fun times. Have an awesome career and future ahead of you.

  45. It is sad to know that timelessleaf is coming to an end. I wanted to finish Feng Qi Cang Lan and I Became the Dark Villain’s White Moonlight here.

    But we congratulate you in your new work and career. Wishing you all the best in your new endeavor.

    I hope when you are stable at work, and your workload is lighter, you feel like you can open timelessleaf again.

  46. Thank you Leaf for all your hard work running this site. I came here for Lost You Forever. It’s still my favorite. But I also came to love Sijin. I wish there would be a way to continue getting updates of these two series. But of course your wellbeing should come first and if you choose to take a break or close down the site altogether that would be fine. Many thanks for the enjoyment that your efforts brought me and best of luck in all your future endeavors.

  47. I usually try not to leave my footprint on the site I use..but i wanted to thank you for doing such a great work. Congratulations 💐👏 on your new job. I came her for Feng qi cang lan and stayed for it too.. thank leaf and team!!

  48. congrates for getting a new job! hope you’re doing well Leaf, sending you and teams virtual hugs xx.

    I would love it if you could upload Feng Qi Cang Lan and Sijin :3

  49. Thankyou leaf…
    There is no such website publish yr release story.. i hope this just like hiatus.. i will missing you a lot..
    I hope i can get to know where sijin source.. i love sijin and i love u.. thankyou.. hope we can meet yr work again..

  50. Hope ya’ll have a great life and personally i’m not to sad about this all because who knows maybe in the future you may return or you may have inspired someone else to do this kind of stuff, so no one knows what the future holds. P.S. Love all the work you’ve all done and time you’ve invested in this so live long, live healthy, and live happy. 😉

  51. Thank you for everything you’ve done, Leaf. Most of this content isn’t being produced anywhere else, so you were really providing a service for all of us, and I’m very grateful for it.

    I wish this was more of a hiatus where you get everything under control until you have time again, but I’m sure you know your situation well enough that your decision is the right one.

  52. Will miss you and your team! I can understand your thoughts and that keeping your job is main priority but please don’t delete this site..
    it is one of the valuable thing for a depressed, introvert like me…so it has a lot of sentimental attachment for me.

  53. Thank you Timelessleaf team to make us happy. I wish you’ll luck. I’ m sorry for the hater people comment because, it’ s the only way they know how to express them self.

  54. A BIG THANK YOU LEAF and LEAF’S TEAM, thank you for making our time enjoyable, and I wish you a good time ahead may everything become your power wish you lots of success in life
    P.S. bro don’t mind hate comments atleast you are doing just fine in everything

  55. Thank you for all your effort all this time! All your series selection has been great and I really appreciate the time you put into producing each chapter. It would be great if you can come back to this another time when you feel ready. But if not, that is fine, too. Do what you feel is the best for you. Good luck with life and I hope things will work out for you!

  56. I will truly miss reading Above All Gods here at Timeless. My one wish is that you one day return with a grand entrance with warm welcomes!
    But until then the best of wishes and hope you succeed in your future endeavors Mr.Leaf!

  57. Thanks for the hard work leaf and stuff. Started reading here when above all god is around 100+ chapter i think maybe around 5 years now…
    Anyway, thanks for everything

  58. This is Sad news! I have been with you since the beginning and always await the releases. But, Congratulations! Good luck in all you do. I can understand and I’m thankful with all you’ve been through and how far you’ve come that you kept at it this long. Thank you for everything and the staff of TimelessLeaf. You all have been a Comfort to me, my get away from reality. Thank you and much Love to you all!

  59. Thanks for releasing the chapters till now. I’m grateful of your site. It’s such an oase in the desert for me after facing problems in daily life.
    Also congrats for your job. Anyway, real life should come first. Have a nice day, Leaf. 😊🤗


    1. Ah yes, truly a selfish person who has spent days, weeks, and months out of their life to provide you with manhua for free for no benefit of their own.

      Get a life. You aren’t paying a dime for this unless you’re a donator, but that is a voluntary contribution you may or may not have made, knowing that you are not, in fact, paying for this content. The sheer lack of gratitude for what Leaf has done is just depressing.

    2. Cussing in all caps… how ungrateful. Get a life. Leaf and her team have done so much for their readers. What Leaf needs now is some moral support… Life happens. That’s just what it is. You little hater can also move on with your own life – if you have one… Best of luck Leaf and team!

    3. deliberate troll and has to face God for it. no one can actually be serious to think that way can they?

      and they dont even know leaf is a
      not a female and he only was pretending to be a female. how can people to the very end still be so oblivious.

      too bad this site stopped doing some that i liked it doing like its Hard to Fit with Demons, and some others.

    4. Are you crazy???? How can say that to anyone???? First she’s not answerable to you!!!! And you haven’t like commissioned her to do the job???? So how can you demand her to do it????, secondly, grow up…..she has her own life….. Do you know how hard is it for someone especially a creator to leave or discard his/her own work that the person enjoys…. Do you even have any respect for her????

  61. Heartbreaking news. Thankyou for all of the times, truly appreciate Timelessleaf’s team good job. I’m your fan especially with Sijin huhuhu i hope i can finish read Sijin’s chapter good work. But I hope for your succesfull in life.

  62. Thank you so much for your benevolent effort and dedication to share your happiness with us. I’ve been one of your readers for many years already. Thank you to all the workaholic people and all your companions. I had teary eyes when reading your letter. I’m wishing you all the best in your career and also the careers of your team. May the luck and blessings be with you. Actually I’m only reading the feng qi cang lan.

  63. Thank you for all your hard work! Truly appreciate all that you have done. Started with goddess creation system and now still hooked on Sijin. Hopefully this website can be passed on to someone else while you focus on your work. Supporting you in all the decisions you make

  64. my best wishes for you, thanks for the effort; if you need help, i can help cleaning on weekends, i now its hard to keep up with everything. thank again for the effort of everyone that collaborated to this proyect, its amazing.

  65. First I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the time and effort you have put in for all of this. For the last four to five years, my heath has greatly declined till at one point I was unable to take care of myself or walk on my own. There were many dark moments and I’ve been to too many funerals to count. I want you to know that the work you have done helped bring joy into my life. Everyday I looked forward to checking this website to see which stories have had new chapters added. I looked most forwarded to Sijin 🙂

    It is time for you to do what is best for you. Good luck and best wishes on the new job. Just know we all appreciate you and will miss you

  66. I have been a long time lurker here but I am both sad and happy for you, Leaf! Go on and do great things! You’ve left a wonderful legacy here among the teams and the readers alike, you will be missed!
    The only series I’m really hoping for is Shen Yi Di Nu. If it still has a lot more to go, I’ll try to find its existence, elsewhere. Thank you for your time and efforts, Leaf and Team!

  67. i’ve read here many years but ended up now only wanting to continue reading
    Its Hard To Mix with Demons and MSXD.

    i just didnt continue with some others after lots of redundancies in them i guess.
    but some newer selections i havent even looked into.

    Thanks for lots of stuff i read here.

    Yeah, there’s better and more valuable stuff to do in life and death. see if ww3 happens, find Jesus, etc.

  68. Congratulations! Thank you for all your years. This is the first site a read on. I originally came here for A Journey to the Past and Feng Qi Cang Lan, but stayed for all the other stories. My favorite is Sijin.

    Thank you for putting a smile on my face and good luck with your career!

  69. It’s sad to see Timelessleaf go. Though I only come here to read Above All Gods, the only reason I never picked anything else up here is because I already read quite a lot of other stuff, so I just didn’t have time to start anything new. Regardless, although I didn’t read them, I know you all must have put a lot of work into getting all the chapters out to us, so thank you for that, and good luck with your new job. I hope it all goes well for you, and good luck to everyone else who worked on the chapters, I hope you all succeed wherever you’re going.

  70. Thank you for everything!!! Leaf!!!
    I’m will never forget you!!! And all the team! Thank you for making my day very special everytime I checking your website to read my favorites series.

  71. Waah~😭 how should I stop crying 😭😭😭 I’ve been doing that since I first heard this 😭😭 goodbye my dears~ I’ve loved you all

    1. Also i wonder if you can like pass on the projects to someone else. At least please move the site to blog spot or word press so that people can always come back and remember the old days, if possible. Thanks for everything.

    1. 😿 We will miss you dearly, but thank you for your hard work up till now! It’s important to have a good steady job. Go for it and don’t feel guilty about leaving TimelessLeaf behind!

  72. I have tons to be thankful to timelessleaf but I don’t know how to put it into words. So, I’ll just say, thank you for everything and goodluck on your journey in life! I wish you the best

  73. Has it been that long? It is such a heartache to see this site go down. Anyways, i will still be suppoorting you for whatever decision you do. Thanks for the wonderful stories you posted. Kinda sad for it if not all are going to be finished. Thanks anyway! I do hope i can know what will happen or the end of the series. Thanks!

  74. Been here since the early days of Goddess system.
    Sad to see it go but I’m glad you are doing well irl.

    This isn’t “goodbye” but “see you soon!”

  75. I’m sorry to read that the site will be closing, but I’m glad for your success!

    Thanks for this time, you did a great job and honestly? You brighten my day more than once.

    I wish the best for you in your new adventures and I think the site sort of keeps our emails, so if you want to contact me, you’re very welcome to do so.

    I’m not exactly an expert but I know a little of Machine learning, especially Neural Networks.

    My best wishes for you!

  76. I’m happy to hear that you success. I always read Sijin in here. Good luck with your new job! I love your site, will be missed it for a life!

  77. that is sad for real but you made the right choice ! we can only thank you all and hope that you will make the most of this job opportunity 😉

  78. 🙁 I really didn’t know I would be crying this early in the morning 😭 I’m so sad as it’s the only site I actually stuck with since coming across it but I’m happy for you I only hope for all the best for you and everyone. Updating every day is a lot of work and takes a lot of time 🙁
    Thank you all again for everything you have done 💛
    It would have been great if you could have made a profit of this side while also reducing the frequency of the updates, so you have more time for them
    Everyone will miss you a lot I wish y’all all the best in the future 💗💗💗

  79. I feel so sad, broken heart…
    I love to read FQCL, FNTX, Sijin, PM on this site. It posts them faster than other site.
    Anyway, thank you so much for your hardwork to run this site so far. Wish you always be healthy.

  80. this was one of the first manhua sites i found years ago and stuck with… it really is sad to see it go… T-T thank you to everyone who made it possible to enjoy this warm experience, and best wishes to you Leaf~

  81. I enjoyed the stories here so sucks to see you go, I will definitely miss this place. Wish you good luck in the future and thanks for the notice when so many just disappear…

  82. Omg! I feel sad.
    Anyway Thank u alL very much for the hardwork and everything.
    Sorry for not supporting financially..

    Sijin, feng n clan, lost u forever id Love to read.

    God BLess n take care

  83. Terribly sorry to see you go, but that’s how life is. Thank you so much for all the fun stuff you shared with us 🙂

    Any chance to organize follow-up solutions with other scanlators for the best shows? Yes, Sijin, I am looking at you!

  84. You’d have soon been with me for 8 years I used to read the manhua during class in highschool and while I’m sad to see you go I hope bigger and better things come to both you and everyone who made timelessleaf possible o7

  85. Theres always a time that you really need to say goodbye and let go of some thing but i never expect it to be this soon

    Thank you for the joy….
    Goodluck and keep striving hard towards your goal i wish you well and all the best thing in world 😊

  86. Thank you very much for everything Leaf…
    Timeless had been a great help in my hardest time…
    I hope there comes a time when Timeless will operate again…
    My best regards…
    Bye, leaf…
    Bye, everyone…
    I’ll miss you all…

  87. Started reading here since i don’t know when. This site is a recommendation of someone who also read feng qi cang lan. It sad to know that this site will be gone, but its understandable. Thank you for bringing smile and comfort to those readers who read here. When fiction world became their escape. I hope you have alot of luck in life. Thank you leaf for those time that i giggle and laugh alone because of this site.
    Farewell timelessleaf i hope you the best.

  88. This is my daily ‘must visit’ site since few years ago 😭😭😭

    Well it is great that you can move forward in real life, hopefully I can be like that as well… Wish you all the best and maybe this site can revive once again after you mastered everything required for your job 😏

  89. No! This is my to-go site for reading manhua. Will definitely miss you, Leaf. If in case, you wanted to come back we definitely welcome you back eagerly. My sister and I wish you all the best.

  90. 😭😭😭 Thank you all for everything. Although I understand about life, I am heartbroken to hear this news. Thank you for all years and all the hard work. I wish you all well in everything you guys do! 😭😭😭

  91. I am in SHAMBLES. 😭😭😭 This site has been an aestheticly pleasing safe space to read for years and this makes me sad, omg. 🥺 But I respect you, Leaf, and I’m grateful for what you’ve done so far and I’m happy for your growth. Best wishes to you and thank you so much for the last few years. You and everyone who has ever been on your team.

    (my first comment doesn’t look like it loaded so I typed this up, sorry if the other one eventually pops up 🥴)

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