Sijin Chapter 268.5

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  1. Whoa, so this is a very important battle. They chased her back to the palace in her past life then they must be scared of the consequence of their plan even A’Si has no influence in her past life. Honestly, I’m curious about what A’Jin did after her death in past life, he’s smart so he must figured it all out and revenge for her. I guess he just slay them all down instead of scheming plan to revenge.

  2. Yeah! now we get to see A’Si get even with that 4th sister in law. A’Jin’s mother is an idiot, why would A’Jin help her or her son (4th Prince) with anything. They never did anything for him, never. She even said he was a curse and sent him off to die in the south. If it weren’t for the emperor he would have no rights as a prince.

  3. I sincerely still hope that 4th lady will realize that her husband sucks…. But, if she still chose to stay blind, then well….

    1. Qin’s wife is a snake. It’s true that she’s mostly a tool for her husband and he plans on either ignoring or disposing of her later on, but that doesn’t change that she’s a monster in her own right. The two of them deserve each other.

  4. A’si was trying to wake up 4th and make her face reality, but alas she remains blinded by her love for her scumbag husband and their greedy ambition.
    “There is no worse blind person than the one who does not want to see.”

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