Sijin Chapter 267.3

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  1. The moment when you go back in the story to remember how 4th’s wife killed A’si, and you end up binge-reading the whole Manhua.

  2. Gettum A’Si, that mother in law and daughter in law are murders. See this is why they outlawed plural wives. I would like to know how many of the emperors sons actually survive to breed the next generation. Please, the bitches only have one thing on their minds, themselves!!!! Run emperor!🤨🤨 Thanks Rain + BookEater!

  3. Asi is like a karma bearer. You do her good, you’ll have goodness. You do her bad, you’ll die… thanks for the update lead and team!

  4. Are these two chicks having some memory loss? Because they seem to have really forgotten that the last person who messed with A’Si was demoted from Clown Prince and then given the death penalty ? And that the one before got downgraded to a commoner before getting killed ?

    1. First, they might not have the full story of the Crown Prince. Secondly, they consider themselves a lot smarter than the ex-Crown Prince. Which you know, fair, they are. That said, they are still underestimating Asi.

      But don’t write them off as a threat entirely, they did kill Asi in their previous life.

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