Sijin Chapter 266.5

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  1. Thanks for the update team leaf.
    The mother -in-law will get a most rude wake-up call for bringing harm too Assisi she is ready for the hearm fight and the fight for the throne and she most likely has countermeasures in place to combat what comes her way and the 7th prince way as well.

  2. Consort Xian only gave birth to A’Jin then she called him a cursed and shipped him off to the South, she hasn’t ever been his mother, even the emperor got mad at her for dissing his son. These murdering bitches should be sent to the cold palace. Even the emperor doesn’t like the 4th prince (he’s sneaky just like his mother). See this is why you only need one wife. Bring in another woman and all she will do is try to kill off the wife’s children. It’s like that today!

  3. They are playing a dangerous game here. The emperor likes Jiang Si very much. If they failed to kill her, even consort Xian can’t keep her life. Thanks for the chapter

  4. This woman really said “Why doesn’t he visit me often.” Like bro you abandoned him. You’re his mother and you don’t even care about him. Hell the king cares about him and he’s the one who shipped him away. The Royal Family only has 6 non snakes (Emperor,Empress, 5th Prince if he stays out of trouble, 5th Princess Consort,FuQing, and 14th Princess).

  5. Thanks to the team 🙂

    Geeze, the palace is full of scummy people. Reminds me of what Asi’s father said: “They eat people whole without spitting out their bones”.

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