Lost You Forever Chapter 150.5

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  1. Then she
    saw Jing stand up and release the band tying his hair up and sent his
    hair flying in the sea breeze. He leaned against the railing and looked up at the sunrise.
    Xiao Yao’s heart leaped to her chest like a little deer lost.

  2. “It’s not nonsense, bu things have
    changed. After going back, I realized my brother has been
    leading the clan into danger. If I leave, I worry he will destroy
    the family. Xiao Yao, give me some time, okay? I’ll take care
    of everything.”

  3. “Xiao Yao, I’ve met plenty of women
    interested in me, I know how a woman looks at a man she
    wants. No matter how nice she is to me, she’s never looked
    at me like that. And now…..” Jing stroked her hair “Now I know
    what it feels like to want someone, I’m not wrong!”

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