I Am Being Chased To Fall In Love Everyday Chapter 57.3

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4 Replies to “I Am Being Chased To Fall In Love Everyday Chapter 57.3”

  1. Thanks to Chhoryi and Leaf!
    Hoping that crazy hag gets punish. How can she be so cruel just because mc mother was always above her (ノಥ,_」ಥ)ノ彡┻━┻ such a b*tch

  2. I really hope that arogant hag looses everything she has who even was stup*t enough to make her the president of art… something

    Thank you Chhoryi and Leaf <3

  3. B’tch needs to die!!! But I will settle for her just be destroyed instead! Poor YeLi she has been through a tough time, losing her daughter, her father’s mental illness and that b’tch crazy mother in law. That man must be worth it to her?😗😗😗😶

  4. Well, so far : faking someone’s death, defaming a work of art, destroying said work of art, pushing the MC’s mother to the brink of despair…
    Her sins are starting to pile up.

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