Sijin Chapter 258.5

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  1. Oh no.. poor Chun er. He simply wants to make his mommy happy and proud of him. He worked hard. Now he lost the opportunity to see his mommy happy. What a shitty dad (crown prince)

    1. Tbh in my opinion this is the best for them . Crown pincess already thought to divorce and yeah no title anymore but that doesn’t mean they can’t be happy in fact this could be a good way to became happy plus they will be far from the drama and storm what will come later in the palace.

  2. I feel like that order is totally unfair for the other maids that helped snitch and uncover the truth. Innocent lives. At least Princess consort and son will be OK.

    Thank you Rain, Naryoto, and team for your hard work.

  3. ah dam,i didnt think he would eradicate so many ppl..although guilty by association is guilty,but, still,dam..atleast the little guy didnt die and still lives with his mum..ty for your efforts.

    1. Goes to show that the emporer only views servants as tools of their master, not living people with their own wills and desires. By killing everyone off, he’s trying to catch all the prince’s supporters, but there’s no way he really got everyone and plenty of innocent people just doing their jobs got killed. Real great way to ensure that if anything ever happens again, people will be forced to hide it or face punishment for something they had no part of.

      1. This is true, but let’s not forget that it was completely normal back then. Unfortunately, the lives of ordinary people are not worth that much, and it was more about setting an example for everyone in the future whether noble or servant, will think twice about turning against him. I wouldn’t live in that age and world for sure. X)

  4. Poor lil prince but at least him and his mother lived in this life. But honestly I feel bad for the emperor. Despite how evil and stupid the crown prince was you know the emperor loved him and tried to educate and raise him well. To have to kill your own child I feel bad for the guy.

  5. Ah no crown grandson. Though I suppose it is for the best. Lest 4th prince get his hands on him. And hey, maybe he’ll be back.

  6. If only his father had no rebelled, Chun’er would have been the crown prince and I’m sure he would have been good compared to his useless father, but as always he must always destroy everything 😮‍💨

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