Above All Gods Chapter 369.5

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8 Replies to “Above All Gods Chapter 369.5”

  1. why does every little scene take like 10 chapters to unfold the smallest thing? So many chapters and so much dialogue all for the single purpose of Gu Kiddo showing her a song..

  2. I hate this so much because he’s been taking so much bullshit, they’re the ones that came to him and they keep insulting him but he hasn’t killed anyone… even that stupid ouyang girl, it’s about time she dies, Why did mc suddenly start being a better person after he survived heavens punishment, I was expecting evil and ruthlessness when I read chapters 1-3 but wtf is this… did he forget that he wants to have his revenge? He’s basically doing what heaven wants him to do

  3. “You want to learn? I ‘ll teach you, but …”

    “cook me lotsa chickens … yesss … every thing is coming together now …”


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