Lost You Forever Chapter 137.5

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  1. “Jing hurriedly stood up and grabbed her arm, but then released it
    like he was shocked by electricity, his face blushing red. Gao Xing’s
    clothes were light and airy, so after it got wet the robe was plastered
    to Xiao Yao. It wasn’t as noticeable earlier since she was sitting
    down, but now that she stood up, from her trim waist to her full
    bosom, it was all on display.”

  2. damn you shiqi, …>(..either love her or let her go, this cat and mouse game is so tiresome..ty for your efforts..preciate you.

    1. It’s because of his insecurities that he’s like that… But yeah, doesn’t keep us from feeling like giving him a good beating 😋

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