Above All Gods Chapter 367.5

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6 Replies to “Above All Gods Chapter 367.5”

  1. I told you guys it was going to head in this same slow direction a couple of chapters back and these are even the ppl posing as him either. Just more ignorant brats thinking the world is in their palms. I still can’t believe I’m still reading this.

  2. I like this story but when will MC come out and declare he’s the Monarch and start A killing spre of the fakers and get the ball rolling we all know the author is pointing us in that direction and this Celestial Sana will most likely tag along for the ride.

  3. really if he doesn’t care, why is he still interacting with the world… so boring…

    if kids are mischievous, is the duty of the adult to correct them, but he doesn’t care…

  4. those brats need to understand that just because they can’t comprehend or do something, doesn’t mean nobody else can’t too lol

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