Sijin Chapter 254.5

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    1. I wouldn’t call him clever… Letting the son that slept with your concubine, raped dozens of women, is a cheat, deceptive and dumb go around as he pleases ? He even dares to kill his own father now. That emperor can be clever, but he is an idiot when it comes to that bastard son of his…

      1. The current crown prince is the former empress’ son, whom the emperor loved a lot. The former empress died. The emperor promised the former empress that the current crown prince is gonna be the only crown prince. The emperor is doing his best to keep that promise.

      2. Also the serial rape etc only recently became known to the emperor. Before that, he thought the Crown Prince’s worst crime was sleeping with the imperial concubine, but the concubine herself confessed that she deliberately seduced the Crown Prince, so that probably lessened the amount of blame he put on the CP for that incident.

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