Sijin Chapter 243.5

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  1. What a mess! This clown prince needs to be beaten, BEATEN! I really hope the knock to the head does him some good and he starts to behave like a human not a beast. Otherwise, let him just stay in a coma for ever so at least his wife will have some peace.

  2. … Asi and A’jin are going to become the next rulers aren’t they out of sheer process of elimination. Prince Qin is basically next in line for crown prince and it’s been explained why the others aren’t options. So without him, it’s basically them up next.

  3. U know…. he is from the royal family..
    There is a good chance when he was a baby he was poisoned or needles were placed in his head. If its the needle thing and it moved his entire personality will be different!

    This is unlikely though. I noticed authors dont like writing about this since it still happens in china to this day. Usually only to female and unwanted babies though.

  4. Does his brain work? You should be asking if the crown prince has a brain to begin with. The only head he has that does the thinking and is working hard is the one between his legs…

  5. I want justice for his wife! The crown prince doesn’t deserve such a level headed woman! She’s way out of his league and she knows how to appreciate her son being saved from an attempted assassination!!!

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