Goddess Creation System Chapter 475.5

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  1. I think that Xiaxi is usually brought into a new world right after the former host dies. So she is not inside the little girl, nor inside the adult that is imprisoned, but she is going to be awaken when the host dies from the poison.

      1. No unfort. she still doesn’t have enough CP. She was only gifted a piece of the world tree, maybe she needs a bit more before she can have freedom? Maybe she has to grow it and create a path to her world or one she creates? OR MAYBE SHE CAN CHOOSE A PREVIOUS WORLD TO LIVE IN PERMANENTLY?

  2. the skull on bag is to make one dont miss its poison ;pthis arc seems different.im looking forward to the mission premise etc..ty for your efforts.

  3. Aside from the obviously poisonous poison bags I’m really confused though.
    Xiaxi wouldn’t have been brought into a new world as a kid…is this a side story?

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