Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 288.5

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18 Replies to “Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 288.5”

  1. Thanks for the update

    everytime i read this except MC moves, im getting rages because of many bs then gonna regret they mess with MC

  2. ” I got tricked by a dirty Man”
    Me: Looking at the very obvious alarms that shows scumbag move incoming…
    1. He treats you like slaves even when you are saving his life…
    2. Greedy enough to not throw the bloody crystal.
    3. You are f*cking blind.

  3. Why did the bad seal his cultivation? That slave was already helping him but by sealing his martial spirit he becomes a much less effective helper.

    1. I agree. And also, he told him to though away the gem, and they would be attracted away. It makes no sense to though it at him as a distraction. Unless he for some reason just wants him dead.

  4. Thanks for the chapter! He gets blackmailed so often, still he doesnt deserve this kind of ending.
    I thought the bad guy looks like a frog

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