Sijin Chapter 206.5

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  1. I know that there are always fights for the throne in stories like this but this one is kinda disturbing because they all laugh and joke with each other like they are such a loving family. If this was real and I lived in this family just send me straight to the mental asylum.

  2. have we really developed? in warfare and science and medicine,certainly,but that thing which is human nature,no,that hasnt changed at all.Humna greed and the evil it breeds is still prevalent no matter how advanced civilization two cents anyways..ty for this lovely chapres.

    1. Crown prince is currently locked up. Not going to say it’s impossible for him to have done it, but he’s not the most likely candidate, nor is he the one who gains the most from doing so.

      1. He was allowed back into family meeting in 203.5 and we saw him in the beginning of 204.5
        It sounds like the third, forth and former crown prince all want the crown prince position. So I thought that they would benefit if on of the others get harmed

  3. i could tell, her father warn her bfore to becarefull when enter the palace or involvd in relationship with royal family,its becos whenever u entrd the palace of coz need to be more careful and aware,either u die or leave in pain .But yeah! at the end story,im so sad asi will die,its princess qi n prince qi,asi fell from the clift,n die, aftr yujin found his beloved wife body,yujin kept silent n rushing meet the elder wumiao clan n beg him to rescue his asi no matter what cost,elder said “aftr asi reincarned ,u might not rmmber her anymore n lost memory,but yujin do not care bout tat all,” soon yujin take revenge kill both them prince qi n prncess qi. and aftr the midnight its time to do the process wht elder said before,he must stab his heart to gt the blood from his heart,n he fell like faints n there the end of story, i wish there will hve season 2..

  4. Well the same thing happens to the rich family´s now days human nature still has not changed and will never change unless someone events some type of human nature control device to control human nature. Think about it went from fighting for small territory ie villages consisting of 10 to 100 people to towns then too citys too kingdoms to countrys and nowadays It’s about the battle of fortune 500 companies and the Mafia Are still around Are they not till then this world will never change but without diversity and change we as a species will never try too push for higher ground. The next path for humanity should be unification of all countrys into ONE country and new laws everyone must follow no matter the social class or background.

  5. Gosh I feel sorry for 3rds wife who just wants to live in peace and all the kids born and unborn who get involved in these petty fights 😞

  6. Palace intrigues and battlefields are not so different in the end: those in charge have fun and the children and commoners pay for the consequences.

  7. F*k these animals!!! These are children! Babies, innocent children!!! Just fight and kill yourselves, leave them out of this!

    1. normally I would agree, but considering the setting, while vicious and disgusting, it makes logical sense (unfortunately)
      just goes to show how far we’ve developd.

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