Lost You Forever Chapter 73.5

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  1. Meh.. no matter how much you regret it, I already hate you and would never ever ship you with her. You should just regret it some more!

  2. “Shi Qi saw Xiao Liu had her eyes tightly shut, and only after the
    sound of Zhuan Xu’s departing footsteps faded did the tears tumble
    down from the corner of her eyes. Shi Qi pulled Xiao Liu into his arms
    and Xiao Liu buried her face in his chest as her tears fell like the rain.”

  3. “He reached out towards her legs and Shi Qi thought he wanted to hurt her again so his attack was swift. His
    finger was like a sword as it shot out but Zhuan Xu didn’t duck like
    Shi Qi thought he would, in fact Zhuan Xu let the finger blade pierce
    his arm and the blood came down.”

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