Sijin Chapter 203.5

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  1. He doesn’t pamper him for nothing…. Because the ex-empress, his mother, is dead he feels the need to take more care of him because his mother can’t.
    He feels a bit guilty because he grew up without his mother’s care and that’s why he’s a bit unruly.

    1. Yes, that. And more importantly, it is because the Emperor love the First Empress very much. That is why he had high hope for the only child of him and his beloved first wife.

    1. That crown prince is no good, remember why Yuqi beat him up ? It was because he nerly crippled Asi’s brother. That crown prince bullies everyone because of his status, he even slept with his Father’s concubine ! And yet that Father still pampers him and favor him. All his brother must hate him imo

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