Lost You Forever Chapter 60.5

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  1. “Eh” Xiao Liu felt something strange in his palm. He opened it to
    find the walnut glowing and then gradually melting into splashes of
    color. It was like little fireflies dancing around Xiao Liu and Xiang Liu.
    Half of each went into Xiao Liu and Xiang Liu’s palms and

  2. If you can’t wait to find out the ending, I recommend finding the book online! It’s long, but very well written.

    This is just the beginning… All 3 guys will be in and out of her life in very significant ways to the end!

  3. ahh, no no, no way, i want this ship to go. i have a feeling he designed that plan so that the gu will go to him so that he has a connection to her..ty for your efforts.

  4. Ugh…I hate him so much for making me like him…I mean, why is he acting like the ml if he isn’t the ml. It’s painful to see him being so nice to her but not ending with herಥ_ಥ

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