The Revenge of DanZhu Chapter 20.5

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  1. The general is not old or sick I think. Before he’s taking the medicinal bath, he has a young and healthy skin much like a teenager. Then after he’s taking bath, the skin turns old and yellowish…heh…it’s definitely the sickly 6th prince in disguise.

    I knew it!

  2. Ahhhh so he is our ML!
    I was concerned at first based on his age… but its either a disguise via the mask or he’s sick/poisoned? The ML is obviously the one from before she went back, so it was him??? So many questions D:

  3. Well, I was right about him being ill or poisoned. And wow~his body and face look totally different without that mask. Much younger, so what’s the deal with that mask….

  4. Wait, something is not right.
    The masked general looked young without the mask?
    Is it possible that…
    Hmm, we’ll see, we’ll see

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