Sijin Chapter 177.5

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  1. 冰雪聪明
    It is not a pun it’s more of a commonly used metaphor that got shortened because it’s used so much. Snow and Ice is crisp and clear so it’s a metaphor meaning she has a sharp mind and clear thoughts.

  2. I think he’s using the idiom “冰雪聪明” which means extremely intelligent or exceptionally intelligent, etc.

    冰雪 means ice and snow, respectively
    聪明 means clever, intelligent

  3. I suspect it’s a pun, 学 (learning, knowledge) (pinyin: xué) and 雪 (snow) (pinyin: xuě). Same pronunciation, different tone.

  4. @Freya That’s a decent interpretation of the analogy, but I don’t really think it fits the context, or fits MC’s brother’s reaction to the saying. I don’t really know what else it could be shorthand for, but I think it’s supposed to mean something else.

  5. @Christer I agree with you. Snow melts away tho so is it not the same as saying that intelligence is fleeting? Which when you think of it is not a compliment at all since it is not tied to a timeframe. So basically they are saying she is smart now but could be stupid tomorrow (depending on how fast the snow melts away). Of course, snow is pure and elegant, but that is about the extent of the complement, at least from where I am looking.

    Interesting chapter tho and a good thing Asi´s wisdom is rubbing off on her more naive and temperamental older brother.

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