Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 263.5

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  1. Thanks for the update leaf team!

    Casein nitrate, what the heck are you doing there?! Ah, building a sect of powerful beings to avenge jiwoo. Kkkkkk

    Jokes aside, I agree with simpingo, they are powerful enough to live as they want kkk

  2. From reading too many xianxia I can already see how this is gonna go.
    This sect is most definitely the strongest. Any of the elder is prob comparable to the famous sects’ leaders. And this sect leader is prob a monster just a bit weaker than the 2 male leads. Definely one of the pinnacle existences to ever exist. If anyone srly thinks this sect is weak then you are insane

  3. I do not think is is a matter of mistake I think she will bully her way into becoming an elder/sect leader and the train the others.

  4. From experience I know that the ones who act like that are pretty strong and capable when they’re serious so I’m sure that they’re better than we see~

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