Sijin Chapter 174.5

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  1. Dang why couldn’t the empress be his mother? She’s a sweetheart! But his actual mother cares only about his older brother and not him. Despicable consort!

  2. i hope Asi’s brother s military career will be stellar, i have always liked second brother,i have 3 but none like Asis ;p..ty for your efforts.

  3. Hmmm. old 7th mom seems to be in trouble now… she after all favors his older brother, right? It is so funny how all his brothers have an issue with Yugi over him marrying Asi and he is the only one of them who doesn´t want to be king. Yugi and Asi just want to have a happy peaceful family life. If the oöder brothers want the throne so much (and one younger) why don´t they just concentrate on making each other miserable? Asi doesn´t even come from as influential family as the rest of the princess consorts do, so it isn´t like their marriage holds any political weight. They are just nitpicking over Yugi having a beautiful wife. How petty. At least one of the brothers seems not a total lost cause right now, but it will be interesting to see how things develop from here.

    Ty Leaf and co for your hard work 🙂

  4. Thanks for the update.

    Still, causing a ripple with this incident, fate trully do wonder sometimes. Will prince yan’s mother be affected due to this incident or not, it will shake at least the palace once more.

    And the crown prince should say good bye to his crown soon from the looks of it lol

  5. Idk but why it feels like the crown prince’s mother isn’t the current queen? I mean it’s better if that the case, so the queen will not do anything bad to Asi cuz of the crown prince.

  6. This beating of the Crown Prince seems to be the trigger for a chain reaction that will shake the palace to its core. As the saying goes, it’s the smallest stones that create the biggest avalanches.

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