Goddess Creation System Chapter 428.5

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  1. I think this ML drank the alpha cool aid, as it were… he may seem like the smart type who cares about the common folk trapped by the social system but he’s kinda an idiot like the people who say they are an ‘fighting’ for whatever cause but are just posting on Facebook about how they don’t like something in reality. Isn’t Xiaxi taking the money a good thing? She won’t pressure him and he knows it, and now the mom is off his back so he is free to do whatever. And since he wanted her help, now she has to be with him. Also, wtf dumb plan is it to get rid of inhibitors? Omegas need them and they are rare so the third party makes money. So, duh, just flood the market with cheap inhibitors. It’s easier than infiltration and still shuts down their profits. It’s common practice and since the drugs aren’t dangerous it just illegal they aren’t hurting anyone but the current governments ‘hump like bunnies’ policy.

  2. Ok. I did not expect that one. I don´t know whether to laugh or cry. The ML in this story arc is a bit…. hmmm poor him. His momma is quite a powerhouse. I wonder how long our FL will be in mommas good graces?

  3. She got 50M and a cohabitation offer, this is such a lottery 🤩🤩
    As for the charm points, she will earn it!

    Wow.. I’m really looking forward to their living together 🤩

    Thanks for the update 🥰🍃

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