Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 432.5

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  1. To the Person A,
    Yeah, but she isn’t killing any of them.. they are dying bcoz of their own stupidity, even if Aheng didn’t directly kill any of them, sooner or later they would have killed themselves.. that’s the kind of ppl are from Feng family.. and I’m really not the one to suck up to MC coz they are the main character, I only see the moral from the story. If the MC does wrong I’ll strongly disagree.. but from what I’m seeing.. Aheng did nothing wrong.. So you are saying just to be good in the eyes of her mom. she needs to stay silent and let herself get killed by the Feng family ? Admit it.. everyone is the Feng family is a venomous snake (except for the third sister and her mother) being kind and submissive will only get them killed sooner or later.. and what scheme you are talking mate ? to be the empress ? lol she would be even if she didn’t do anything.. did you forget she is already engaged to the 9th prince ? she is just fending herself.. she isn’t killing anyone from her family.. just think about it.. did she kill anyone from the Feng family by her hands ? first the first son.. that ahole died in the hands of Feng Ahole.. second the Chenyu.. she from the first tried to kill Aheng and take everything from her.. she got what she deserved.. her mother was killed by her father too.. the grandma was killed by one of the Feng Aholes concubine.. you know well that Aheng didn’t have anything to do with any of these personally but only got caught up in all of these mess..

    I personally live by the motto “Sincerity begets sincerity”.. soo being “Kind to the enemy is being Cruel to yourself”.. in order to survive in the world ppl need to make harsh decisions..

    Also please tell me what did Ahend did to her mother had other than to see the ppl that LITERALLY tried to kill her suffer.. you are making it.. as if Aheng is doing the wrong thing by doing what she needs to survive..

    I have no beefs with you.. our thinking don’t match.. which is cool.. I get that all ppl are different : ) A discussion is meaningless if everyone has the same opinion, no ? 🙂 (quote of Zhongli {a character from the game called Genshin Impact} )

  2. Ok, so maybe can I help reason a bridge between the 2 camps? Of course what YuHeng is doing is right. She is a good person who just happens to be in a previously occupied body. It’s understandable that the mother would be angry that she thinks her daughter was replaced, either physically or by a new soul. She is going through stages of grief. Her denial exists in that small space where she can’t accept that if it’s physically her daughter that means her daughter is dead. Therefore she blames the current daughters soul for being a ‘malicious spirit’ who replaced her. If she ever actually bothered asking in private for the truth behind what happened to her daughters soul, the mother would cry and probably accept that at least the new soul treats her well. Instead she simply accuses her and holds a grudge. Current YuHeng understands her pain because she has old memories and knows how the old YuHeng and mother loved each other. On the other hand, of course the mother is going too far. YuHeng has not only saved any redeemable family member, but punished those who would directly attack her, her brother (who is both her dead brother from a previous life and the moms real son in this one), and the mother. She also saved the country from many great losses and managed to stand as a woman, independently, in a patriarchal society as well as support her mother to free her and the other innocent females in her family. On the other hand, change is scary and it might seem like a mastermind power grab to an abused, submissive mother who only misses her daughter. To her, YuHeng is destroying the innocent and naive daughters memory she had. You can feel sorry for both of them, but you cannot coddle ignorance, even if it’s wrought through grief. To do so is to trample on your own morality and self worth.

  3. Darkness Reincarnation, you know about the saying of if something is too good to be true? If she was so good, why did she kill her daughter and replace her? Now you might say she didnt, but from her mothers perspective she is. And now she is killing off her relatives through schemes. And for all she knows, she is only acting nice to maintain her identity to become the empress then get rid of them when they have no use anymore.

    And the damage from the drugs doesnt just go away, once your thoughts go down the ally, it is hard to go back. You cant unthink thoughts.

    A lot of people get tunnel visioned by mc point of view and not realize that other characters are people too and see things differently.

  4. Reply To the Person A, yeah I get what you mean.. But even an idiot can see what Aheng is trying to do.. not only did she help them get into a better lives for their mother and brother.. she helped them move out of that fking Feng family, which im sure the mother won’t even survive one without Aheng.. even a maid sees how much Aheng cares for her mother and brother.. and yeah what if that Feng Ahole was Ahengs father.. even if he is the father he has tried to kill both Aheng and her brother so many times.. even a stupid would know who was the one who is the good guy here right ?.. also about the drug.. yeah Aheng went to several lengths to cure her drug addiction.. how could she have a hidden agenda if she does all this good things for you and makes your life a peaceful place.. cmon man.. even if I put myself in Ahengs mother shoes.. I definitely wont suspect a person who changed my life for the better as someone who has hidden intentions..

  5. No sympathy for the mother whatsoever.

    I understand her hangup but her daughter is dead and the Aheng she has now is supporting her and the son she loves so much, as well as, solidifying their safety by supporting the country.

    She has 0 right to be acting this way. She at least should be asking questions instead of jumping to conclusions and acting like Aheng is a bad person. It just makes no sense when Aheng hasn’t done a single thing to hurt this woman.

  6. She’s not in her right mind remember that addictive drug she took before. Usually people who use it might have side effects lose ability to judge right or wrong. So basically it’s not her fault but that b*stard 3rd prince.

  7. For those people being harsh on the mother, put yourself in her shoes.

    Imagine, one day, one of your family members disapears and they get replaced by a complete stranger. The straner may be nice to you. Wont you also go paranoid about their real motive? Or what they may have done to your family member? And you cant publicly call them out cause their status is higher than yours and they can kill you and the rest of your family.

    Then add drugs to the mix, and yeah… the mother may not be the best character, but anyone in her place would not fare much better

  8. I really do not like AHengs mother right now. How does she turn into this mush after going against AHengs warnings and almost getting herself killed by the Qianzhou kid/adult pretending to be a kid, after everything her husband put her through. She was fine and saw the right light when she divorced the Feng papa. What on earth made her turntables yet again? I mean she regressed into the wife she still was right after they returned from the mountains, right? She was still making excuses for the Feng papa up until she thought AHeng burned to death at their ancestral home, then and only then when she saw just how little Feng papa cared for AHeng did she want a divorce. So this turnabout back to how things once were makes no sence.

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