Pupillary Master Chapter 232.5

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  1. That trash princess is nothing but trouble, I bet she is the one that blinded Luo Quitong. She said that she had tried to get her Quitong’s financee’ but he refused her? I bet it was her, that b’tch!!!

  2. bruh.. what commoners herbs.. any herb that can be used to make potion is valuable and you should know every kind of herb to call yourself a good doctor.. and yeah.. who tf poisons ppl just like that in public.. fking b!tch get THOT SLAPPED already….

    Thanks for the Chapter <3

  3. She poisoned him on purpose in front of all those people in public?? Even if she did win her reputation would be trash. What kind of doctor hurts the person they’re supposed to heal
    Thank you for your hard work!!♥♥

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