Sijin Chapter 164.5

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  1. Asi is the fourth daughter of the extended family, hence called “4th miss” but she and her sister are the only daughters of her father and mother.

    The other girls, the 2nd, 3rd, and so on, are the daughters of her uncles and aunts.

  2. So A’Si and A’Sa must be related somehow, in the panel where Asi is training the person even said that Asi has the aura of the Saintess, that not something you learn it is something you are born with. Looks like Asi’s mother’s background is not simple. I just love grandmother!!!!

  3. I always wondered… Since Asi is the 4th sister, and she only has 1 sister and brother in the story so far, who is the 3rd sibling. Maybe it was Asang?

  4. If Asang is actually taken from their family to be raised and trained first to become saintess at the age of 10, I think there’s possibility that Asang maybe asi’s twin sister??

    It’s just my theory lol
    1. The training and competition to be saintess take quite some time I think like several years maybe, it can be since born the candidate has already decided?? Let’s see lol
    2. Just maybe… The candidate is kidnapped from their family???
    3. Asi’s family is very protective to asi because they lose their daughter before (if it’s true). It’s totally different with the treatment to her older sister.
    4. We don’t know much about Asi’s mother backstory
    5. The elder is going to the palace, there might be relation with princess rongyang.

    But whatever it is, I admit I always fail to predict sijin’s story. Just one for sure, asi will slay all of them ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧

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