Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 431.5

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  1. She might not be her real birth mother if were talking about soul and her previous life. But she still think of her and Zirui as her real family. Even the 3rd sister Xiangrong is still sister to her. She is kind to those who she wants to be close with. Yet the mother constantly reject her. And not even a bit wanna accept her. I know she is not your real daughter. But all those thing she did for you, at least don’t hurt her feelings!! *sad for Aheng*

  2. wait, why was she crying? O_O… omg, 9th prince is going to have a serious talk with his mother in law LOL I’m guessing that when Aheng find out she will be ‘a little’ pissed but, if everything goes well, grateful xD … mmh, this is going to be interesting because the prince knows Aheng’s secret and knows the mother is treating her like that for it, so I guess he is going to tell her the cruel true she was trying to deny all this time (or at least I hope so, so she finally snap out of her auto-depression).

    Thx Leaf & Co.! <3

  3. That mother is spoiled and a coward. How else would she let others hurt and set up to kill her own children. I guess you could say that she actually killed the first Aheng, Jinyuan just instituted it. Time for a dose of reality.

  4. @deeman3000, the 9th prince angry seeing aheng crying. And he guessed it because of her mother. So he comes to “have a talk” with aheng’s mother.
    She eventually will live with Feng Jin Yuan.

  5. I am confused, so what is happening? Is the MC mother going to live with Feng or her Father(MCs Grandfather).
    Who is the woman in the last panel?

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