Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 430.5

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  1. you all said “stable boy”. let me correct it for you, its “Imperial-stable boy”. He has the honor to feed the Imperial Mount. That mount is the highest ranking horse throughout Dashun you know.

  2. Well his majesty just demoted that stupid father all the way down too a stable boy, that’s what he gets for messing with ahang and her mother and little brother and dissing the Yao family when the emperor could hear what he was sayin himself truely soooooo stupid I don’t know if there is a position below a stable boy tho but the way this stupid father is going we will find out.

  3. Smh, he is now a stable boy. He want to bring home more wives, how the hell can he afford that. I said bring home, but does he even have a home.

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