Pupillary Master Chapter 228.5

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5 Replies to “Pupillary Master Chapter 228.5”

  1. Totally agree..
    If I can burn someone I’ll let her be the 1st 🙂(人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

    She’s so arrogant like b*tch want me to slam your head for one time.

  2. yup she needed a good spanking a long time ago,these ppl that feel they have priviledge,no morals and no bottom line,those ppl are really disgusting..ty so much for your efforts.

  3. Delusional rich kid. Obviously her daddy did not beat her behind enough. But you know this b’tch is bad news, she probably doesn’t respect her own king as well. Can you say, patricide!!!!

  4. urgh. bruh I’m sick and tired of seeing this fking woman.. 🤮🤮 I’d watch more BL romance in this story rather than to watch her.. that’s how much she disgusts me…

    p.s. No offense to anyone…

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