Goddess Creation System Chapter 425.5

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9 Replies to “Goddess Creation System Chapter 425.5”

  1. Did Xiaxi just did a Black Widow landing pose? Cool!

    I assume she used the acupuncture on the captain since he has a strong mental control so the side effects might not hit him that hard.

    Thank you for your hard work!

  2. Omg xiaxi! She is so hot! I think the post after dropping from the ceiling is the best that I ever seen. The best episode!!!! Click click I love her so much!! Xiaxi is no. 1

  3. oh my, i was seeing little pink hearts during that one panel (^_^)..whoo hero saves the beauty, ty for the chaptres..this mc is awesome..

  4. you beautiful human being. thank you for ending the cliff XD
    i just love the ml’s various facial expressions, i get a kick out of them
    thanks for the chapter

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