Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 428.5

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  1. As annoying as she seems, I feel sorry for the mother. She did everything right, she should have lived comfortably as the wife of a first rank official her whole life and have been loved for taking such good care of her house and family. Her father was sent away for unrelated issues (she was officially married to the Feng family, had nothing to do with her). So she and her children were sent to starve in the countryside, with all her city shops stolen from her so they had no income. Her daughter was kidnapped and killed, and before she even finds out… she’s replaced. Mother’s love is not a logical thing, nor are the filial feelings and the emotions of a wife in an abusing relationship. Add onto that the fact that she has to know her daughter is gone yet still see her face, doing things her daughter wouldn’t do. Imagine if she knew her son had always been the reincarnation of his current sister, or her dad was no longer her dad but the reincarnation of her current daughters grandpa.
    Yes, she has been treated well and is getting everything she deserves. Yes, she should be thankful that the current YuHeng has her loyal family’s best interests in her heart. But let me ask you this, have you ever spoken to someone in an abusive relationship? They use every excuse they can to justify the time they invested in an a**hole because people have trouble acknowledging that they were tricked, their feelings were misplaced, and/or that they have to start over and lose everything. She is in the anger phase of grief most likely. It doesn’t make her right, it just makes her pitiable.

  2. Her momma is just a victim and likes being a victim. Even if she doesn’t appreciate the current Aheng she should be grateful that she save het son. Useless woman!😑😑😑

  3. since you hate her mother now, then just wait for a bit….

    You will find out that what all of you are feeling right now is just a tiny piece of it all.

    Imagine: she knows this is not her real daughter (it started since she was poisoned) so… Once she sees someone who looks like A-heng, Da Daaaaa- there is her “real” daughter. Just based on the looks with no background or memory check…….

  4. omg this mother is so dumb she should be thanking aheng for saving her , I love the brother how he defends her kindness could only get you so far in that world but it will get you killed, the mother supposedly soft side ended getting them in that state before…

  5. I care for the mother all this time but this is enough. She’s too dumb and the real reason why her and her children were abuse and almost killed (and in Aheng case, she really died). She really didn’t have any redeeming quality and much less the love of her husband who only marry her because of her father friendship with the emperor. And the worst is SHE KNOWS her husband was a scumbag who have tried to harm her children but still thinks the things the ‘fake-Aheng’ is doing are worse just because she could be fake? I think, come on! how dumb nedd you to be to think about your bastard ex-husband safety before your daughter’s situation? Like Aheng says, she didn’t even care what could have happen to the real Aheng? Does she think the ‘fake’ is a witch who kill her daughter only to destroy her family? WHO REALLY DESTROY IT and tried to destroy the empire too?! Come on!! She looks so piteful before but now I just wish she dies soon or at least let her now her real daughter died by his so-precious-husband’s squemes before exiting the sotry finally, because I can’t stomach her any longer!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!! DX

    Thanks so much Leaf and Co. And hope next chapter have a better plot to lift my shittied mood up =_=

  6. I don´t get this mother? Has she forgotten just how many times the Feng family tried to kill her daughter? The reason why A-Heng is living well is that she fought to survive like no one else and her father’s conduct is still putting her life in danger. A-Heng literally saved all their lives and this mother seems to forget it all. I get there are cultural differences at play, but A-Heng is also the one who got her mother a peaceful divorce. I agree with A-Hengs little brother the new A-Heng is better at protecting them than the previous.

    Papa Feng is playing Russian rulet with the lives of everyone in the Feng family by getting that “commoner” pregnant. What an idiot. If all the members remove their names from the family book, where will they go tho? I mean Aheng and her brother are covered, so are the empress nieces, but the rest like Xiaorong and her mother as well as the pregnant concubine and her daughter.

  7. Like, I get she senses that Aheng isn’t her daughter, but ultimately, she never asked her about it and she literally saved her entire family on multiple occasions. Instead of being angry at your rescuer claiming she’s not your daughter, then perhaps instead, she should be asking where her real daughter is. I felt sorry for her in the beginning, but if she honestly cared, why hasn’t she asked her? If she’s so scared of the answer, then why bother throwing tantrums and saying that stuff? It reminds me more of someone who has been left behind someone more successful, in a way.

  8. I literally hate her “mother”. She’s always grumpy and upset and causing problems and giving bad advise. She got would be best if she did off with both her “parents”.

  9. the problem is, still in present there are countries where women still suffer and when asked by authorities to stand up for justice, they dont speak up and side with their cruel abusive spouse or spouse’s family.
    But this is just story. i hate this type of women who let other trample on them and still wont even make a sound against it.

  10. Sadly, the list of useless characters that need to be terminated, Aheng’s mom just joined it. She has been dumb for a long long time, but now it’s getting way too annoying. Glad to see the feng idiot bastard got another reason to get into jail. I hope the rest of the girls leave him ASAP.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome work! May God bless you!

  11. she could have used her plot hole space to do terrible harm to any person, and they would never be found again, but then this wouldnt drag on so crazy. she can hide in it, live on food from in it, pass through walls with it, assassinate, hide bodies, etc. could just take over anything. but no.

  12. In chinese culture, parents are equivelant to gods and own the child as their property. A child getting the parents executed would be to them one of the worst things you can do.

    People sinply are judging things by modern western standards.

  13. The thing that gets to me the most is that the unfairness her actual daughter faced was ignored and the retribution given to the Feng family by the fake daughter which gained them a better life is scorned.

    So, what? You arent satisfied with her because she is being rational, cautious, and harsh? Im sorry Mrs. Ma’am but being kind, forgiving, and naive is what GOT YOU ALL kicked to the bucket and even got your ACTUAL daughter killed.

    Suck my nonexistent dragon body. Miss my entire spirit with all that too.

  14. She could spare him, “life in prison,” & divorce all wives. The problem is, in those days in almost all cases a man has to lead the home.

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