Goddess Creation System Chapter 414.5

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4 Replies to “Goddess Creation System Chapter 414.5”

  1. Xiaxi looks so badass! And all those dudes are gonna get their asses kicked. Definitely.

    Also, thank for your efforts! ♡

  2. Looking like a true badass in her aviators 😎 kick some butt girl and protect that little peach (man he is so cute 😍)

  3. must protecte the cinnamon roll ;)ooh i bet she kicll all their asses and gets a good review right off the bat,hehe..ty for your efforts.

  4. OmG!! Xiaxi looks so good in the last panel! And like a true heroin protecting a hero! That’s great!!

    Looking forward to next chapters 💕💕

    Thanks for the update 🥰

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