Sijin Chapter 141.5

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  1. Wait , in the previous history , they showed that the little FL has helped Yukon when he was a beggar on the streets I guess . How come the plot changed so suddenly ?

  2. Aww. This is such a heartwarming chapter. I feel bad for Yujin being abandoned at such a young age and growing up so lonely. I love that Asi was already brave and intelligent at that young age. Thanks for the update

  3. I can relate ajin’s feel.
    It’s probably will hard to remember someone kindness if we growth full of love or growth to be ungrateful child but he is lonely and not even once taking care her sincerely that’s why even time flies, he will always remember asi.
    This kind of event is not only in fairy tale though, it’s realistic for me. I personally have someone that will never be forgotten too.

    Thanks for the chapter 😊

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