Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 404.5

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  1. Lol I was thinking why they lend so much money to her too but it was just because they coud use Aheng’s name as “colateral”. Well, a little risky move but bad in the end because now they get Aheng’s as a possible enemy if they piss her off again in the future haha… Now my theory is that someone found out that the grandma took the loan and knew of the special condition if she dies so they kill her to make trouble for Feng family or County, not sure who was the real target. Could it be 3rd prince still around? o.Ó

    Thank you for the great work as always, Leaf-san m(_ _)m <3

  2. Aheng’s father has no sense and no taste. How could he prefer that dancer to Aheng’s mother, the slut and scum man.

  3. I’m surprised the bank even let her play grandma take it. Smh. People trust and are afraid too easy in the story. Expect our Fl and Ml of course 😁✌🏻

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