Pupillary Master Chapter 183.5

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  1. The moment has come for REVENGE πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ That Tianyu bitch, I’ve hated her since the series first featured her 😝 Anyway, no one will be able to stand in Luo Qing Tong’s way after this, Tianyu Royalty is going down

  2. And thank youuuuuuuuuu everyone for working hard on this. Foxy I believe was mentioned in the previous chapters so sorry for not thanking you properly. Thank you Leaf for letting Foxy work on this project.

  3. Alright to clarify the situation and I guess the whole story? First thing we see are 2 Luo. The black clothed Luo is our Tong Tong while the other one is the original owner of the body. Have I lost anyone so far? No? Phew. So our along Tong is a legend in her world who dies by being dumb and takes over the body of the one we saw getting blinded. This happens and she learns of everything through the memories of the original body and swears to take revenge on her behalf. Why is this important? We see that the soul of the original body seems to have finally moved on to the after life because Luo has begun the finishing touches to destroy the people who caused the og’s death. I hope this helps.

    For those who think the series is near the end, I do not believe it because they still have to find the grandfather which will probably lead to another mess and dealing with the enemies of the one who placed the seal on him because whoever did it must have hidden themselves for his sake. This is my speculation though, take it as you will. Any questions?

  4. Hah! Hades did not forget, he remembered that guy from Yunyue guy. Little Hades was posing as Luo Qingtong’s son! That dog remembers!!!!

  5. Who?
    I am clueless.
    So, after she kill both of them the mission complete. Premise for get revenge already done.
    Hope not drag too much. Better have sequel or same franchise.

  6. I seriously hope their relationship won’t start at the beginning again because it will be a bit exhausting.

    Please get your soul memories back.

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