Pupillary Master Chapter 181.5

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  1. That is a piece of him but the one here is another piece. I imagine it as he lost some function in one of his arm so it is more difficult to use it. If she could go back in time she probably would have stopped the blinding so she can have a smoother ascension in power. I am glad they have a good relationship now.

  2. I think people are misunderstanding what is being done. Given her power is her eyes it’s likely closer to watching a recording of the past instead of actually going to the past.

  3. ey? when she get that skill to go back in time? did piggy upgrade? hehe atleast the story is progressing well..ty, ty so much for your hard work..

  4. It bothers me they half act like his soul is not a part of him.
    Out of nowhere she got a time travel skill also.

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