Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 383.5

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  1. Idiot bachelor Feng. Now he has turned into stealing from the women in his life. Something tells me that the only ones getting out of all this are Xiangrou her mom and the two relatives the empress married into the Feng family. The grandmother Feng will hit the roof when she finds out just what kind of spender her son is. Even going as far as dipping into his mother´s purse. But I doubt that any of that will happen before Han concubine gives birth to the kid that is not Batchelor Fengs. Seems like more good shows are on the way.

  2. must be great to be those 2 women who were thrown away at that rotten guy to use like that. and shouldnt they get pregnant usually if he kept doing that? wow their life has a horrible pit in it. who is their father again who did that to them?…. they seem to take it rather well, par for the course. ghastly.

  3. Well well this guy is only going down from here.
    It looks like he’s seeking death, he’s not even thinking at this point…

  4. What? The feng bastard was sleeping with his wives to steal their jewels and money? Oh boy, this walking turd fell down the drain so fast. I’m glad the next step is here, just demoting the fool wasn’t nearly enough.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome work! May God bless you!

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