Sijin Chapter 95.2

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  1. Bwahahaha technically he ain’t wrong, he is working Asi who was the arsonist lol. Too bad pops…. she’s got a strong backer. Rip

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Father and son are so much alike…. he is dead man walking. Is it not a crime to accuse a royal with no proof? Oh well…. let us see how this father will end up.

    And as for Asi, she learned all the survival skills from Yugi in her previous life, too bad she blames him over a misunderstanding and tries to avoid him at all cost. ML went about it the wrong way when he tried to approach her, but I would still ship Asi with Yugi. After all Yugi is the one who is constantly supporting our FL and when needed keeping her and her family safe to the best of his abilities, so far.

    Ty Leaf & co for the chapter

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