Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 373.5

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  1. How did she suffer… Let me count the ways. Though it’s been a looong time since I started from the beginning.
    1. She was banished to the village after her mother was unreasonably demoted.
    2. She was literally assassinated at the village…
    3. She faced attempted assassination on the return FROM the village…
    4. instant hate, oppression, and discrimination as soon as she returns to the residence…
    5. Her brother was plotted against by the main mother
    6. Chenyu… everything chenyu, there’s just too much shit to list from chenyu alone! 😛
    7. Main Mothers son tried to rape her… I mean hello?
    8. Chenyu & Sleaze Jr drug her & then the arson…

    I mean that’s not counting the waves of assassins, and the traps the 3rd prince sent her way before, during, and after Chenyu hooked up with her brother & she repaired Chenyu’s hymen…

    lol… How did she suffer?

  2. Thank you for the chapter We and Leaf! How can this guy expect anyone in the feng family to care about Chenyu after all the things she and him have done

  3. TY for the update LEAF.. much appreciated..😁
    Damn.. he only sees chenyu as his daughter and doesn’t even care about Aheng.. damn this guy should die fast ..

  4. Thank you Wu, Leaf and all the kind-hearted ppl who works in this series and all the others, thank you again!!

    and I really hope someone in the Feng family get killed too or at least lost an arm, right? xD

  5. Right, the feng idiot can only blame Ah Heng, ignoring how badly they treated her. Hah, I hope at least one of the older idiots in the feng clan gets executed this time.
    Thanks for the chapter, and special thanks to Wu! May God bless you!

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