Sijin Chapter 92.2

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  1. Beautiful, thanks for the update! When is she going to realize that her husband and dog are the reason that she has returned to the past? I thought she was supposed to be smart???

    1. Where are you getting this from? There is nothing concrete to show this being true. Yuqi has long held affection for her (since they were very young children), so that can’t be used. The only thing going for that is the dogs affection, but dogs can be fickle so that isn’t enough either.

      I know its inevitable that yuqi and our mc will end up together, but yuqi is genuinely a scumbag, which he has shown with his behavior. I really hope they don’t end up together.

      1. Just curious, why do you consider him a scumbag?
        Imo, in this life he doesn’t seem to be a scumbag, he loves her since he was a kid (when she somehow saved him from the brothel) and all he does is protect her. Sure, he kissed her twice without consent, which is not ok, but he didn’t seem malicious.
        Regarding the past life, we don’t have the whole picture yet, but assuming the first 15 years of the MCs lives were the same in both lives, he still loved her since he was a kid and it seems like she misunderstood that she was a substitute for his old flame, which was also… herself?!
        Pfff, I hope it makes sense lol.

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