Pupillary Master Chapter 146.5

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  1. ahahahahahah I don’t have any case with the kid wow I even like how his soul is kid and the adult body is always like “WHAT THE HELL DID THAT WOMAN DO TO MY SOUL?!” ahahahah if u just knew Lordy if u just knew xDD

    thanks for all updates leaf and minasan now i wanna say sry i don’t thank u under every update but i think this will be annoying so I just write time-to-time some passionate coments about how hard you guys work <3 loves y'all alot <3 never stop sweeties

  2. Yeah the shota arc is bothering me , it is weird how she advances on him while on kid form and not adult.
    Also they tried to fucking kiss in the middle of the corridor , right in front of the room of someone else , you think they WILL NOT SEE YOU?

  3. Whoops this FL has weird taste how can she tried to kiss. Child I know he’s just a soul and his actual body is that an adult man but still he’s in child form currently it’s okay if you want to kiss Him in the mouth but the looks in her eyes make me uncomfortable

    1. Lt us all be honest, the real problem is it takes up a lot of time, add in short chapters and we arent getting anywhere plot wise. That is the real problem

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