Sijin Chapter 90.2

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  1. Why do I think we are starting to unravel the reason why the rest of FL family were killed off in her last life? But was the Anguo family really the family the emperor was referring to when he was talking about a younger cousin or was it the Dongpo family? Tho if it was the Anguo family then it would explane why they behave like such snobs.

    TY for your hard work Leaf and co

  2. No shit he’s isolated! You kicked him out the day he was born cause “HiS BIrtHDaY CLasHEd wITh YoUrS” Didn’t even remember him in all those years. “All these people and no one told me the son I kicked out could come home now” Why would those people vying for power remind you to bring back another competitor?! This Emperor pisses me off!!

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