Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 220.5

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  1. finally after a long chap we know that thunderoots come from a heavenly prayers.. it does make sense she know sangran.. but the bad deeds alr done.. i just want his cultivation didnt successful at all hehe

  2. Thanks for the chapter
    He is back but i have faith that the mc wont go down a stupid forgiving route with him being ml like ive way too many times and if the starts to happen the actual ml will just kill thunder roots

    1. at the very first phase of this story i think that that person might have been working for the blue haired girl? and remember that he pushed her off a mountain and then the beasts took after her….. then monarch used his feather and saved her?

  3. Who cares about your shitty clan thunder roots! You have no balls, Xiaowan went and picked a fight with the blue hair bitch having only scrubs on her team and your weak ass clan is scared of her? You and your cultivation can get fucked, the thunder calamity should fry your balls since you don’t need them.

  4. I do wish he gets to explain it so that they both get closure. He still doesn’t deserve to stand with FL but does deserve to live a less guilty life.

  5. Agreed, dlee95. I hope it’s just that the people in the comments forgot that his entire clan was held hostage, and not that they think he should have sacrificed his entire family for a single person. I hope she eventually comes to know that detail.

  6. 😭😭😭 i hate betrayal but can’t help to pity him, i mean i think everybody forget that the b**tch of sangran threatening him with the massacre of his entire clan!! THE POOR GUY HAS HIS ENTIRE CLAN AS THE HOSTAGE BY THE SLUT OF SANGRAN!! Remember that after sangran liberated his clan, he tried to help our FL 😢😢

  7. I wonder of the surprise he’ll get when he sees her…not that he deserves any relief, he still betrayed her so badly back then😐
    Thank you for the chapter Leaf! You can take breaks and I doubt anybody will be able to bother you all that much about it unless they know you personally😂

  8. Why bother to explain when it’s clearly you betrayed her regardless the excuses behind it it’s all the same you still BETRAYED her and not only that she even lost someone important to her you think how she feels even you explain it’s still the same you still choose to betrayed her

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