Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 371.5

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  1. Hmm truly interesting. Why is 3rd prince asking A-Heng about this? It isn´t her job to make sure her sister lives a chaste life before marriage. And how did the Feng family hide this when Chenyu is so favored? Especially with the 3rd prince´s information network. I bet that stupid prince was going to marry Chenyu anyway, despite everything so I think he knew both that Chenyu was no innocent and A-Heng fixed her up. How tho did the first check-up after A-Hengs “magic” come out as a success tho? Also, why is the Feng papa also instantly blaming A-Heng for this? It was Chenyu who messed up in the first place. Can´t wait for the next chapters.

    Ty Leaf and co for your hard work 🙂

  2. Since the first episode the Feng family is trying to kill Aheng and her brother and her mother.. but still some ppl think Aheng is cruel for doing this.. tch.. what kinda justice is that.. ppl get what they fking deserve.. if you treat someone kindly they will treat you with at least twice the kindness.. if you want to harm others… well I’ll just say don’t be surprised when the arrows rain from sky..

    1. The feng bastard (their father) instantly killed that stupid son of his (such a heartless bastard) when he and some of extended Feng family discovered Chen Yu and that idiot in bed, after a night of drugs, something they planned for Heng.
      It should be pretty obvious, but everyone in the Feng clan tried to keep that event secret.

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