Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 363.5

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  1. Thanks for the additional Xiangrong’s side story chapter/s. Because this focuses on Xiangrong going back home to marry and not for Chenyu marrying the third prince. 😂😂 She will only have 4 routes in her life. First, she rejects everyone she don’t love and die or 2nd, rejects everyone until 7th will ask to marry her. Third, she rejects everyone she don’t love and marry with someone she likes and be content with him. Or fourth, marry the general and become tied with 4th prince’s side. I guess, goodluck.

  2. I feel like 7th prince doesn’t reciprocate the feelings, and she is throwing away a good marriage. I think Bucong is a good guy.

  3. Somehow, it doesn’t feel like XianRong will get a happy ending. That would be sad, so I hope I’m wrong.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome work! May God bless you!

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