Return of the Demon Goddess Chapter 50.2

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  1. ahhh jellie,i agree with you on all accounts..sigh..these misunderstandings are quite painful..i hope the bird queen and wolf king sort it out sooner and get along..ty for chaptres..

  2. I’m actually mad at her. She asked for an explanation and he was likely going to be honest, only for her to interrupt so she could tear him down. Then when he doesn’t give the answer she wants she cuts him down more. I get it, she’s angry and feels betrayed (from her perspective it’s warranted), but at the same time she’s being annoying. Don’t ask for something, be an ass, and then be disappointed.

      1. The bubble type indicates an interruption, not a flash back. The inset triangle means someone outside of the frame is speaking. If it was a flashback of her speaking it would have been in a different bubble type, in a bubble with when she said it in the frame, or not in a bubble at all.

  3. There was such a great opportunity for Mr Xu to clear out some misunderstandings.. but of course, he will lie n drag this. I’ll just ship the green guy with the FL then.

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