Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 213.5

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  1. Wasn’t she a Grand Pope Master, and not just a Pope Master?

    Well, we’ve put to rest Coffin Face and his group, now we just got to find and deal with good ol’ Thunder Roots. I wonder if he’s the city lord? That would definitely explain why he hasn’t shown himself. But, nah, not likely, I guess.

    Thanks for the chapter update, Leaf and crew!

    1. I forgot that guy existed until you mentioned him!
      In my head, he and coffin face just kind of merged together.

      But now that he is back on my mind, I really want her to make him suffer for siding with blue-hair.

      1. I mean… to be fair, she was holding like a thousand of his true clansmen hostage. He was really in a no-win situation and he still would’ve have basically killed himself to try and save her even after everyone assumed she died if he wasn’t stopped.

        Does this excuse his actions? Not at all. Are they understandable? I’d say so.

        1. he’s the purple haired guy with thunder affinity, likes xiaowan (FL), and used to be in good terms with her, but he collabed with blue haired bitch so xiaowan hates him now.

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