Sijin Chapter 77.3

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  1. My only criticism is Psycho-Sister not losing her head with her hubby at the same time… But retribution comes slowly… And particularly when you least expect that final knife twist in your gut.

  2. can I just say I really like the inspector? you rarely see in non-crime genre works officials actually doing their jobs competently. If this was more cliche, jiang si would’ve had to solve everything on her own.
    the dad, the bro, the maid, the inspector – the side characters are so good!

  3. I hope this new guy is a nice person and will become the ML. I think Yuqi shouldn’t end up with Jiang Si. He’s pushy and doesn’t respect her decissions. He’s not even trying to get close with her, he’s just trying to force her to marry him.

    1. True. Yugi is too pushy. With the risk of sounding like I am making excuses, he is doing it because he is trying to protect her (in his own way). But he is too pushy like you said

  4. So far his son looks ok. I still prefer Yugi tho. Lets see how this son of his turns out. It was only one frame so no way of telling weather he is good or bad yet. If he takes after his dad then definately a good son, but like i said lets see…

  5. Damn I can the smell of 2nd ML… I thought he would be a good ML… I don’t really like Yuqi…

    Thanks for the chapters <33333

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